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Optimum Alerts

Quantitative strategies, backtested for optimum result's.

  Accurately predicting market direction is a common challenge that traders often face. We help traders achieve profitability in the stock market through the opportunity of copying our trade notifications. Our alerts reflect real trades, devoid of pump and dumps, false hopes, or "let 'er ride" strategies.

 Our approach begins by focusing on market fundamentals and technical analysis, incorporating price action, order flow, and quantitative strategies.


 Our strategies are continuously backtested to refine our trading results for optimum entries based upon current market conditions.

 Follow our provided alerts as guidance on entry and exit points, or customize your trades based upon profit-taking standards according to your own preferences.

 We prioritize consistent, smaller returns on individual trades, which collectively contribute to substantial overall returns by year-end.

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 In recent years, there has been a growing trend among retail traders to utilize backtesting and quantitative trading strategies. The primary motivation behind this is to provide traders with a sense of confidence in their trades, as it helps counteract biased opinions within market conditions that can influence their trading decisions.  While it's important to acknowledge that no strategy is infallible or guaranteed to succeed due to everchanging market dynamics, there are periods when certain strategies can exhibit consistency and we focus on utilizing them during proper market conditions.

 Our proprietary strategies are regularly tested using various sets of data for validation. Our integrations involve leveraging a diverse dataset and incorporating price action analysis, enabling us to generate reliable trades to achieve consistent returns. Utilize Optimum Alerts to enhance your trading strategies to execute your own trades proficiently.

 The swing trade alerts are specifically tailored for traders who may not have immediate access to their computer. Trade notifications are sent via SMS, minimizing the risk of missed opportunities due to market volatility. With our service, you receive alert messages sent directly to your smart watch, cell phone, tablet, or any mobile device that receives cellular data. 
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Automized A.I. winning trade alert signals stock market
 The members' forum can provide insightful information and facilitates basic trade discussions among traders. Use our trade notifications as support when we identify key trades based around order flow, gamma exposure, dark pool prints, and delta hedging to optimize trading results. We initiate our trades based on market maker positioning within the overall market. Ultimately, the choice of how to enter and exit trades is entirely up to you, this allowing for flexibility and autonomy in your own trading decisions.

Most retail traders are unaware of the tactics that occur behind the scenes in financial markets.


Here is where delta hedging strategies often come to light and end up being some of the most common techniques employed by market makers.


One example of their tactics would be a scenario where a trade quickly goes against a trader immediately after entry, only to reverse, and move in the expected direction once the trade has finally been stopped out. This common occurrence is often influenced by factors such as liquidity grabs, order flow, and algorithmic trading deliberately implemented by market makers.


Misunderstanding these tactics is one reason why standard technical analysis fails, why most day traders never find success, and why most financial advisers often advocate for long-term investing.

Performance Analysis

Credit spreads are ideal for two types of traders.


1. Traders who want to generate monthly income based upon a specific amount of risk.


2. Traders who want to grow their overall account significantly by compounding the earnings.

Both approaches could also be implemented by allocating a predetermined percentage of the account.

The example discusses two traders and their investment approach:

Trader 1: Who invests in the S&P 500 alone would be able to see an average annual return of roughly 10%. This doesn't require active management, allowing the trader to let the balance grow relying solely on previous market performance.
Trader 2: Who invests 90% into the same S&P 500, while allocating 10% towards credit spreads. The trader will have to manage the credit spreads themselves for a possible higher return by years end. This achievement could be possible by following our trade notifications that are executed roughly 5 times per month. (Please note the frequency of execution is relative to market behavior.) If the traders 10% could earn roughly 400% in returns (a possible achievable outcome based on our previous performance), the trader would be increasing his overall account by an additional 40%, totaling an impressive 49% in annual returns by incorporating credit spreads along with the

S&P 500.
The trader allocating 10% of the total account towards credit spreads would be increasing the trader's previous performance by nearly 5 times, this could almost
 double their total account in only two years.

Please be aware that no strategy should be viewed as a get-rich-quick scheme. The strategy outlined above is considered an aggressive approach to investing and should be considered for hypothetical purposes only. It's important to note that we are not licensed financial advisers, and it is always highly recommended to consult with a licensed financial/securities adviser before executing any trades independently. We are simply disciplined, experienced traders who recognize that proper risk management of our capital is our sole responsibility, and that diversifying assets is crucial for overall account growth and navigating market fluctuations. We do not and will not offer individual financial advice. We are not infallible and are able to acknowledge that past year's performance does not necessarily dictate future performance. If you have specific financial concerns or decisions to make, it's crucial to consult with a qualified financial professional. They can provide advice tailored to your individual circumstances, risk tolerance, and financial goals. Financial advisors are trained to consider various factors and provide guidance that aligns with your specific needs.

Compare our results with the overall market to determine if credit spreads would be ideal for you and your investing approach.

Optimum Alerts

The listed equity curve illustrates the P/L based on the average contract price, calculated by applying 10% of a $100k account.

Return on option contracts as of July 20, 2024

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Our performance standard remains superior.

We do not offer gimmicks, but let's be clear.

It takes patience, discipline, and consistency to surpass the average returns within the market.

Trading stock options or futures carries inherent risks and will not be suitable for everyone.

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